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Cable Specifications

Many people are confused  by cable specs and find it difficult to understand 

so what does 2mm2  2x 28/0.30 25 Amp actually mean?

2mm2  the cross sectional area of the conductor expressed in mm2 and describes the totlal cross sectional area of the copper comnductor. You will sometimes see cable described as 1mm or 2mm cable with out the 2 sign but it is important to note that this does not mean the diameter of the cable. This can often lead to confusion  so just remember that the main specification for the cable will be its cross sectional area and cable never be referred to by its diameter alone.

2x28/0.30 the conductor number and size,  expressed as the number of conductors of a given diameter  so 2x28/0.30 means  2 conductors of 28 strands, Each with a diameter of 0.30mm.

25 Amp  nominal current rating expressed in amperes (Amps or A) and is the maximum continuous or `working` current that the cable can safely carry


Posted by Solar on the Move on 15 May 2020 00:00

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